Friday-Sunday, June 1-2 2018 UpTown Collinsville 


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         What is horseradish?
    The rich soil of the Great American Bottoms farmland below the bluffs in Collinsville grows what is arguably one of the world’s largest concentrations of horseradish. With soil rich in potash, a cold winter for dormancy and long summers for growing, this area provides the perfect climate for growing horseradish.   
    The whitish root is a member of the mustard family which includes horseradish’s milder cousins including cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts and the common radish. The root is harvested in the spring and fall and sold to processors who grate the root releasing the oil responsible for its distinctive aroma and bite. Ground horseradish is mixed with vinegar to stabilize the heat. Salt or sugar, cream or vegetable oil may be added. But generally speaking, horseradish and vinegar are the primary ingredients in prepared horseradish on the market.

Festival Sponsors

  International Horseradish Festival- Celebrating 30th Anniversary

The Festival For 2018

Will be held at Uptown Collinsville on Main Street 

   Come to Collinsville, Illinois to be a part of the fest devoted to all things horseradish celebrated the first weekend in June in Uptown Collinsville on Main Street .
   Where else can you learn how to prepare your own horseradish, run in the 5k, visit the Family Area or Craft Village, take a ride in the Hot Air Balloon, join in any of the classic Horseradish Festival events, or just sample the food and listen to the music?
   Admission, musical entertainment and parking are free. ​

30th Anniversary Logo designed by Keondez M. Robinson, Colllinsville High School Student

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