6:00 pm   Opening Ceremonies         Laura Buick GMC Main Stage
6:00 pmBalloon Rides from Remax AllianceJaycee Field
6:30 pmThe VCR's (80's & 90's Rock)    Laura Buick GMC Main Stage

Root Grinding Demonstration


8:00 amFishing Derby Registration
11:00 amThe Avery Hill BandLaura Buick GMC Main Stage
11:30 amFishing Derby AwardsFestival Stage

Root Grinding Demonstration
1:30 pm
Bags Contest
Jaycee Field
2:00 pmRoot Sacking ContestFestival Stage
3:30 pmScott Marlin (Acoustic)Coors Light Tent

6:00 pm

HICKTOWN Laura Buick GMC Main Stage

Root Grinding Demonstration


8:00 am5K Run
9:00 am 5K Run AwardsLaura Buick GMC Main Stage
NoonBloody Mary ContestFestival Stage
noonQuarter Draw BandLaura Buick GMC Main Stage
1:30 pmWashers Contest
Jaycee Field
3:00pmChris Belden (Acoustic)Coors Light Tent

Root Grinding Demonstration
4:00 pmLittle Miss & Mister Horseradish Festival  Laura Buick GMC Main Stage
5:00pmChris Belden (Acoustic)Coors Light Tent

See you June 2nd- June 4th at Woodland Park!

​​​​2017 Horseradish Festival Schedule

Festival Schedule 


Events for the entire family during the festival including fabulous food, entertainment, games and of course HORSERADISH!

Friday-Sunday, June 2-4, 2017 Woodland Park